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Crazy cat lady of Warwood

So this happened.

A couple days ago, another stray showed up at my backdoor. A scrawny, beat-up, pathetic looking Tortie. I was all, "Oh, no you don't! I am *not* taking care of another stray cat. Neme is transitioning into an indoor cat (much to the dismay & disgust of TJ), and I do not need another cat living outside my back door!"

So I brought Neme in, turned all the sleeping things away to try and block entry, and didn't put down food or water. I felt like shit, but, really, what is going on? Is there a stray cat telegraph out there? I thought if there isn't any offerings available the cat would move on.

That lasted about a half day. She (I'm assuming a she because of her color) came out of the kitty tube this morning, so she is skinny enough to fit in the opening even though it was up against the wall. I... I couldn't stand it. She's so skinny and pathetic. So, yeah, food and water for her. And a call to the vet, because no strays stay around my house without a visit to the vet for appraisal and shots.

I think she's an abandoned cat, because she ran away at first, but this morning she did not. She allowed me a little pet while she was eating, so she was someone's pet, and that motherfucker threw her away. She probably had kittens, and instead of getting her fixed, tossed her. I hope they burn in hell if this is what happened. Fuckers.

And this makes it four cats. My neighbors are going to sign a petition to send me to cat therapy.

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